The Supreme Mufti visiting our university

The International Kazakh-Turkish University was visited by the Chairman of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan, Supreme Mufti Nauryzbai kazhy Taganuly.

The distinguished guests, headed by the Supreme Mufti, presented the work of the Yassawi Research Center and published scientific works, books and publications, after which the guests got acquainted with the curriculum and programs of the Theology Faculty just opened at our university, attended lectures and talked with students. The Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims got acquainted with the library of the university and left an entry in the book of distinguished guests.

In addition, Nauryzbay kazhy Taganuly met with the leadership, professors and students of the university. Opening the meeting, Rector Zhanar Temirbekova expressed confidence in strengthening cooperation between the university and the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan:

– For a broader presentation of the heritage of our great teacher Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, this academic year a theology faculty was created at our university. Our main goal is to form a concept for the development of Islam in a secular state. At the moment, there are many stereotypes, misconceptions and organizations that point young people in the wrong direction and lead to radicalism. We decided to open the Theology faculty to combat such manifestations. The faculty will become a unique system of religious education in Kazakhstan. And we hope that the new initiative of our university will be supported by the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kazakhstan.

In turn, Nauryzbay kazhy Taganuly stressed that he was always ready for cooperation and noted that he supported the training of competent religious specialists for the good of the country.

In conclusion, the Supreme Mufti made a report and delivered a short sermon, after which he made an analysis of the seven directions of work of the Spiritual Directorate and in conclusion dwelt on the concept of Ihsan.

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