Acceptance of articles in the journal “Bulletin of the University of  Yasavi” in accordance with its rules and requirements. Verification of all stylistic, grammatical and technical errors of manuscripts. Passing the anti-plagiarism program, positive evaluations of the “hidden” review and selected from the editorial Board of scientific articles in a special format of the journal, publication in falsu and replication in the printing house. Supervision of its timely release into the light.

The competence of editorial office of scientific publication

Improving the quality of the edition

The main responsibilities of editorial office of scientific publication

  1. Receiving an electronic versions and manuscripts of scientific materials, textbooks and manuals prepared by academics and university staff.
  2. Monitoring compliance of materials with the rules of editorial office.
  3. Working under the expert committee of the Editorial Board.
  4. Preparation and submission of materials to the printing house.
  5. Delivering the publication.
  6. Regularly sending to JSC “National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise” (JSC NCSTI) electronic versions of the journal in three formats (Word, Pdf *, Excel) by e-mail.
  7. Keeping in touch with the authors (scientists).
  8. Ensuring a stable publication of journal “HKTU Habarshisi”.
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