On February 6 a teleconference was held on the topic “Common alphabet in the Turkic world”. A well-known linguist, Doctor of Philology, Professor Alimkhan Zhunusbek, a leading researcher at the Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baitursynov. The report of Alimkhan Zhunusbek devoted himself to the study of sounds of the Kazakh language was about use of the Latin alphabet in the Turkic world. “Each Turkic people mastered the Latin alphabet in their own way, but so far there is no possibility to read.

Today, scientists have come to a common opinion, and they are making every effort to establish a common Turkish Latin alphabet. The book has 34 letters; it is also suitable for reading and writing by any Turkic people. It is also convenient to place in any modern technology, that is, on a computer keyboard.

In the twenties of the twentieth century, the Turks began to use Latin alphabet, and we remained under the influence of politics. They have Latin, and we have Cyrillic. This will lead to the separation of languages or even disappearance. And in order to get out of this complexity, it is necessary to introduce a common alphabet.
The conference was attended by Vice-President of the University C Tomar, dean of the preparatory faculty A. Gungor, coordinator of the library of the university C. Aslan, employees of the Research Institute of Turkology, professors and students of the faculty of Turkic philology.

University Vice-President Cengiz Tomar supported the opinion of the scientist and thanked Professor Alimkhan Zhunusbek for his contribution to the development of the Latin alphabet.