Strategic Planning and Quality Committee

The strategic planning and quality Committee was created to effectively and efficiently manage the University’s activities in the field of academic innovation and postgraduate education. It is aimed at providing quality education through the development and implementation of a strategic development plan, the requirements of rating agencies and a quality management system.

The main aim of the strategic planning and quality сommittee are:

  • Development and analysis of the University’s development strategy, phased control over the implementation of all structural divisions and services;
  • Coordination of participation in international and domestic rating agencies for institutional and educational programs;
  • Consideration of issues of systematization, analysis, and updating of quality management documents;
  • Analysis of the results of internal and external audit of the University in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, providing recommendations;
  • Analysis and presentation of the results of internal rating work based on the achievement of the Strategic plan indicators;
  • To consider the implementation of education in the higher school of state management and economics, the program of postgraduate education;
  • Proposals for organizing seminars to improve the skills of the administration, faculty members and staff of the university through the center for advanced training;
  • Forecast quality policy and analyze quality goals;
  • Strategic planning and quality management of the QMS process;
  • Sertification according to ISO 9001, consideration of proposals by organizations for training of personnel and decision-making.
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