The main aim of the Department of the research work organization  is the optimal use of the scientific and intellectual potential of the IKTU, the integrated development of research-and-production activities in order to improve the education quality and the effectiveness of the research and development results activities, the organization of innovation activities .

  • Organizes work on the ongoing and future planning of research and innovation
  • Coordinates and maintains research documentation on fundamental, applied and innovative research, international programs and projects, and contributes to their implementation.
  • Analyze summarizes the practice of RW using and participates in determining the priority directions of development of fundamental and applied science.
  •  Promotes the achievements of science of the university, takes part in the organization and holding of international and republican conferences, symposia, seminars, meetings, exhibitions.
  • Conducts organizational and practical activities to attract students to perform research
  • Monitoring and analysis of the activities of university departments to implement research plans.


Baltabayeva Alyona Yuldashkyzy

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